DJ Service

As well as being fantastic live musicians, the Domino Band also know our way around a turntable! Although ‘turntable’ might not be strictly accurate anymore, we offer a Domino DJ service to keep your party going when the live music has finished.

What is the DJ Service?

We’ve been told by a lot of people that they’d prefer to have live music all night rather than both a band and a DJ. With this in mind, we now offer you a huge 3 x 40 minutes of live music per evening. However, as good as we are, even we can’t play all night without at least a short break, and this is where the Domino DJ service comes in.

Between sets, we will have carefully selected playlists of pre-recorded music to ensure that, just because The Domino Band isn’t on stage, the party doesn’t stop. Just like with a traditional DJ, there will be someone on hand to take any requests, and, as with our live set, if there is a particular favourite you want adding to this playlist, you only have to ask.

Not only that, but we are able to handle any announcements you would like us to make, or, if you’d prefer, are more than happy to allow our PA system to be used by you for, for example, any speeches or toasts you’d like to make.

The Domino DJ service not only reduces costs by removing the additional expense that comes with hiring a dedicated DJ to do what we can do just as well, but also completely removes the hassle and stress that comes from having to deal with another supplier. With The Domino Band taking care of all your entertainment needs, you can concentrate on other important things – like making sure you have a great time.